We live in an era of unprecedented data and computational power

Technology adoption rates are accelerating at an astounding pace. There are tremendous opportunities to be realized by combining the realms of data, modeling, and decisions. Real world problems are usually complex and often ill defined. The only objective reality is data, which itself may be incomplete and of questionable quality. The role of models is to facilitate the solution of real world problems. Below is a list of commercial offerings that were influenced by the Dynamic Ideas firm.

Dissemenating ideas through books

Dynamic Ideas Publishing aspires to publish books that will make a difference in education for future generations. Committed to spreading powerful ideas in the areas of analytics, operations research and their applications, we believe that education has the power to improve the human condition.

The next generation of transportation management

Alpha Route develops advanced software solutions for school transportation and transit systems. Developed out of MIT research, our award-winning technology is designing the future of mobility, allowing transportation systems to increase efficiencies and provide safe and reliable rider experiences.

Taking the guesswork out of artificial intelligence

You can't depend on an AI system you don't understand. Current approaches to machine learning and artificial intelligence like deep learning are black boxes. These systems generate predictions based on billions of calculations with no explanations. It is impossible for a human to follow the logic and understand the rationale behind the prediction. Interpretable AI develops models that are fully-understandable by humans, ensuring the logic of the system can be inspected, audited and trusted.

Breathing life into clinical decision support tools and quality benchmarking tools

Alexandria Health provides highly accurate and interpretable machine learning methods to medical researchers and medical research societies. With the fusion of medical knowledge and cutting edge algorithms, we jointly produce the next milestones in outcome analysis and clinical decision support tools. The current Alexandria Health portfolio includes applications in surgery, pediatrics, oncology, chronic disease, obstetrics, and organ transplantation.

Making analytics accessible to leaders

The Analytics Edge for Leaders is dedicated to supporting business and organizational leaders become "analytics equipped" leaders. We recognize that mid-career professionals with busy lives do not have the ability to return to a graduate program or spend hours learning to code. Thus, we focus on up-skilling leaders with the must have skills of today and position them to guide and lead analytics efforts. Our programs are designed for general managers, senior executives, consultants, data and technology specialists, functional leaders, individual contributors, and business owners.

Leveraging complex analytics to improve consumer financial decisions

Over a lifetime, a household faces a staggering number of financial decisions. SAVVI Financial, a leading technology-enabled financial wellness provider, differentiates itself by using prescriptive and actionable analytics to look across all the interconnected decisions and identify what specific actions to take next for optimal financial results.

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